Patch Management asa Service (B-Patch)

Our patch management service keeps the infrastructure secure, up to date and compliant with the international security policy​.

We help our customers in:​

  • Keeping the infrastructure up to date in terms of patching and secure configurations​.
  • Keeping the infrastructure compliant with the security policies​.
  • Mitigating the risk of service disruption due to incompatible software updates​.
  • Allocating our security experts teams for the installations of patches and security updates​.


Our Solution

  • Automatic distribution and installation of security patches and updates (frequency and priority can be configurable according to customer’s needs)​
  • Can automatically test updates on testing environment. This will reduce the risk of service disruption in production
  • Personal assistance in Security and System Engineering​
  • Support for all kind of Operating Systems (Linux, Windows, Desktop, Laptop, etc.) ​
  • Reduce the risk of the infrastructure being vulnerable​
  • Dedicated web interface for the management and distribution of the updates​