For many businesses cloud is the future. The main benefits our solution provide:​

  • Infrastructure maintenance cost reduction​

  • Better control on infrastructure monthly cost​

  • Ability to scale vertically and horizontally according the needs​

  • The customer can be more focused on its core business ​

  • High security standard

Cloud Solution with Enterprise level security standard for small and medium Enterprise​.




Our SOC (Security Office Center) monitors frequently the infrastructure security level by applying vulnerability assessments and security patching periodically​

Our Private Cloud solution provides all the tools to be Eu GDRP compliant, our processes and cloud infrastructure is ISO 27001,27017 e 270.

The infrastructure is fully redundant to avoid any kind of service disruption in case of HW fault​:

  • Two firewalls (failover configuration)​
  • Two switch Gbit in Stack​
  • 3 VMWare hosts with warm swap (Vmotion)​
  • Two Internet Link from different providers​
  • Daily Back Up on a different host with Veaam​
  • Every communication is inspected by a Firewall and a Web Application Firewall ​
  • Vulnerability Scanning, Early Warning e Security Alerting
  • Data and Communication encryption​
  • Anti-virus/Anti-malware
  • Deep Packet Inspection
  • Log Analysis, Firewall Events, Integrity and Web Reputation Monitoring