BWave Vulnerability Management service are conducted through a mix of technology and professional services. This allows us to identify vulnerabilities that could affect company technology services.​ VM services assure data and asset protection and are very important to be compliant with the standard de facto security policy (e.g., GDPR, ISO 27001, etc.).​

Key Benefits:

  • Risk mitigation: automatic vulnerabilities identification and classification based upon business risks​
  • No integration cost ​
  • Always up to date asset inventory, automatic new asset detection​
  • Periodic scan from the internal and external networks​
  • Vulnerability contextualization, our tools can identify the impact of a new discovered vulnerability on the customer services​


Our SIEM service is a combination of cutting-edge technologies and a team of security experts. The objective of this service is to provide anomaly and threat detection. Allows to timely prevent internal and external cyber-attacks, reducing the risk that customer services and data are impacted.

Real-time analysis is implemented through the correlation of logs, events, and network communications. BWave SIEM solutions provide a flexible deployment: managed services, cloud or on-premise.

Key Benefits:

  • Increase the responsiveness of threat detection​
  • Identify areas in which services could be exposed so the attack surface can be reduced​
  • Third party Threat Intelligence integration for a responsive IoC detection​
  • Behavioral analysis through AI algorithm to intercept anomaly use of services​